Tai Tong Organic Eco ParkĀ 

Yes…  we’re exploring various places to go to during the Lunar New Year holidays with friends from our church caregroup. 

Many of us are not from Hong Kong and so don’t have too many people to visit. 

What better way to do some street shots on the side.

You don’t always have to go on a dedicated photo walk to do photography. 

Not when you’re a family man with kids (and wife!) to attend to. 

This one is fierce. 

This one is hungry. 

I was looking for scenes we usually wouldn’t pay attention to at this place. 

This looked lonely. 

This looks cheery – the pick-up point for an ox-drawn cart trip for kids. 

Strange directions. We get to eat ice cream in a ditch. 

Nature and culture. 

This is really a nice place to wander around – the kids had fun riding and feeding ponies.

They also got to pick strawberries on the farm.