Art of Buying

These are poses we adopt.

IMG_20150312_0007 640

We pause.

IMG_20150312_0008 640

We think.

IMG_20150312_0014 640

Should I?

IMG_20150312_0017 640

I want! I want!

IMG_20150312_0024 640

Do I need this?

IMG_20150312_0029 640

We have an expertise.

IMG_20150312_0031 640

We need a poultice.

IMG_20150312_0032 640

I need this.

IMG_20150312_0034 640

I want this.

IMG_20150312_0036 640


IMG_20150312_0037 640

Buying, after all, is an art we’re good at.



Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 SC

Film: Kodak BW400CN

Changing Views

The geometry keeps changing.

IMG_20150311_0005 640

Hong Kong is a good place to be a flaneur.

IMG_20150311_0006 640

Take a step and the view changes itself.

IMG_20150311_0007 640

Lots to absorb.

IMG_20150311_0019 640

You could stand at the same spot.

IMG_20150311_0020 640

The landscape will change very quickly.

IMG_20150311_0021 640

It’s easy to enjoy the view.

IMG_20150311_0022 640

You seek out order to square the circles.

IMG_20150311_0030 640

Hong Kong will come to you.

IMG_20150311_0033 640

And so will the rest of the world.


Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 SC

Film: Ilford XP2 400

How We Live with Concrete

I’m fascinated by what you could see when coming down the Mid-Levels Escalator at Central in Hong Kong.

You could see lots of small businesses, restaurants and shops.

IMG_20150311_0004 640

You could also see unruly leaves and branches against grey concrete buildings.

IMG_20150311_0008 640

They’re part of human activity.

IMG_20150311_0001 640

Things happen, though they don’t always announce themselves.

IMG_20150311_0002 640

Life is understated sometimes.

IMG_20150311_0003 640

At other times, it is in your face.

IMG_20150311_0009 640

This is how concrete lives.

IMG_20150311_0010 640

How we live with concrete.

IMG_20150311_0012 640

The unruly beauty of nature and concrete.

IMG_20150311_0011 640

We can’t help but look again and again.


Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 SC

Film: Ilford XP2 400


Visions and Revisions (2 of 2)

We look again.

IMG_20140903_0051 640

We are on a quest.

IMG_20140903_0053 640

Where are the keys to our lives?

IMG_20140903_0054 640

We look up.

IMG_20140903_0055 640

We look again.

IMG_20140903_0056 640

Sometimes we do not look.

IMG_20140903_0057 640

We’re too involved in ourselves.

IMG_20140903_0058 640

And then you’re challenged by a look.

IMG_20140903_0069 640

You look elsewhere.

IMG_20140903_0070 640

Anything to recompose yourself.


Camera: Contax TVS II

Film: Fuji Superia 400




Visions and Revisions (1 of 2)

I happened to chance on a folder I tucked away a few months back.

IMG_20140903_0043 640

I remember not being satisfied with the pictures.

IMG_20140903_0044 640

I though the colours were a bit off.

IMG_20140903_0045 640

Then I looked again and decided they’re pretty okay after all.

IMG_20140903_0046 640

This is Hong Kong.

IMG_20140903_0047 640

This is Hong Kong.

IMG_20140903_0048 640

This is Hong Kong.

IMG_20140903_0049 640

Sometimes a door opens.

IMG_20140903_0050 640

And we see ourselves as we truly are.


Camera: Contax TVS II

Film: Fuji Superia 400