Searching for Singapore II

I usually have 2 cameras with me during a photo-walk.

The previous post was with my stealthy Olympus XA2 loaded with Ilford XP2 400 film, while this is a Summicron 50mm Type II Rigid on a Leica M6 loaded with Kodak Portra 400.

I sometimes go all Daido Moriyama with my Olympus XA2 (or I try, at least), while with the Leica, I get that understated Martin Parr social commentary look (or I try, at least).

IMG_20140217_0006 dpp 640

So that’s the flat visible from Bras Basah Complex, my favourite haunt since when I was a teenager as it’s the place to go to for secondhand books.

I took an Irish colleague there once and he said quite accurately that he could see that Bras Basah Complex was a formative part of my education.

IMG_20140217_0029 dpp 640

Good old civil defence!

IMG_20140217_0036 dpp 640

Singapore, along with its many historical landmarks, are works under construction.

IMG_20140217_0023 dpp 640

That’s just outside the Arts House. I supposed you could call this commissioned graffiti.

“If You Dream Too Long” calls to mind If We Dream Too Long, the title of a novel by the late Goh Poh Seng. I met him once at a literary festival.

The author of yet another great Singaporean novel, Heartland,  Daren Shiau, once told he admires the writings of Goh a lot. Heartland is many ways a response to If We Dream Too Long. Read these two books if you want to know Singapore.

Yes, yes, that’s my inner Singaporean literature nerd emerging.

IMG_20140217_0004 dpp 640

That’s outside Ngee Ann City, a very appropriately named shopping complex because it’s so gigantic.

Yes, the humongous bookstore Kinokuniya Books is in there. It’s a place I go to for inspiration.

IMG_20140217_0026 dpp 640

The stone lion outside Ngee Ann Complex, representing prosperity and all the good stuff and guarding all that conspicuous wealth inside the shopping mall.

IMG_20140217_0008 dpp 640

That’s the ice-cream uncle at Orchard Road. I’ll usually buy a durian ice-cream wrapped in bread from him. It costs all of SGD$1. Pretty amazing.

IMG_20140217_0035 dpp 640

That’s “Urban People”, the art sculpture in front of Ion Orchard, delighting tourists always.

IMG_20140217_0033 dpp 640

We’re always being framed by brand names at Orchard Road, with fashion models watching over us, reminding us of what we could be if only we’re willing to spend just a little bit more …

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Searching for Singapore I

I’ve been living and working outside of Singapore for many years now, and every time I return, I’m reminded that I’ll never truly return to the Singapore I know.

It’s like that quote from Heraclitus – you’ll never step into the same river twice. It’s never the same river, and you’re never the same you.

My long-suffering wife knows of my street photography obsession (passion). She understands (bless her!) that I get cranky sometimes and need to go away for a while for an afternoon or two whenever we’re in Singapore.

I can’t help but walk around with my camera(s) with a sense of both recognition and alienation.

That’s the “chwee kueh” (water rice cake, according to Wikipedia) hawker auntie at the market near my place, where I also satisfy my cravings for “chai tow kway” (fried carrot cake) and “char kway teow” (unhealthy rice noodles with black sauce, pork fat, pork lard and cockles).

I have a mental checklist of food to tick off every time I’m in Singapore, such as satay, mee siam, mee rebus, hor fun…

IMG_20140217_0045 640

That’s the uncle who for some reason, prefers to sleep at the void deck on most afternoons.

IMG_20140217_0040 640

The above are homely scenes for me, while some of the scenes below remind me how commodified Singapore has become.

That’s a tourist, who, for some reason decides to lie down and take a nap near the Merlion Park.

IMG_20140217_0048 640

That’s another tourist … every time I am here I am reminded of how Singapore is a place for tourists… I wonder how many Singaporeans actually come here to take photographs …

IMG_20140217_0054 640

That’s at Waterloo Street, where you could find a street bazaar.

IMG_20140217_0060 640

And of course, that was the Chinese New Year period. Huat ah!

IMG_20140218_0001_ 640

And lion dance performances can really be mesmerizing…

IMG_20140217_0058 640

This is Ion Orchard, the shopping mall at Orchard Road.

And there’s something about the architecture that puts together celebrity culture with consumer culture.

We’re all encouraged to shop like celebrities.

IMG_20140218_0006 640

Sometimes we “relac one corner” (relax) and claim a little space for ourselves.

IMG_20140218_0004 640

And maybe we’ll find something meaningful after all …

IMG_20140217_0063 640

This is “Searching for Singapore I”. Part Two, in full colour, will arrive in due time.

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London Street Photography II

From my London folder again…

IMG_3252 640

I was happy to have caught this gesture…

He’s framed by various pictures, and there’s a statement here to be made about the idealised/commodified/cosmetic appearances of the pictures vs his heartfelt sincerity. Check out the arrow that’s about to pierce his heart.

IMG_2726 640

The British Museum … it’s difficult to photograph such an iconic place because you know it has been done so many times…

I chose the seemingly unthinking approach: capture it at any angle and it’ll still look wonderful. Kudos to the architects…

IMG_2768 640

IMG_2783 640

Here’s a museum interior that plays with religious icons … there’s definitely a connection between religious devotion and museum space.

In a way, we’re here to worship art and/or the past.

IMG_2865 640

At the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Here’re the acolytes …

IMG_2888 640

I’m a tourist!

IMG_2949 640

IMG_2975 640

IMG_3130 640

IMG_3146 640

IMG_3138 640

IMG_3159 640

A busy scene with the seated person as a focal point, at the still point of the turning world …

IMG_2986 640

“At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.
I can only say, there we have been: but I cannot say where.”

(T. S. Eliot, “Burnt Norton”, The Four Quartets)

IMG_3390 640

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London Street Photography

These were taken from a London trip some time ago with my trusty now classic Canon G11.

I’ve been looking through my folders and was actually surprised to realize I had been doing street photography without really knowing that was what it was.

These are all shots taken in-between vacation family pictures when I thought the combination of people and scene looked interesting.

IMG_2727 640

IMG_2731 640

IMG_2742 640

IMG_2756 640

IMG_2821 640

IMG_3287 640



Selfies (with a nod to Samuel Beckett)

These are photographs of me, or of how I see…

We’re all shackled in one way or another, waiting for our little godots…

IMG_20140127_0009 640

I’m Estragon the poet…

IMG_20140127_0008 640

Is He arriving? Godot is always late.

IMG_20140127_0007 640

I wait and I wait …

IMG_20140127_0025 640

And I wait …

IMG_20140127_0032 640

Like Vladimir the thinker, I keep myself informed …

IMG_20140127_0037 640

I want a branded watch to tell me I am a lucky Pozzo…

IMG_20140127_0013 640

Am I a cookie-cutter person with cookie-cutter dreams and desires…

IMG_20140127_0027 640

Or can I be my own work of art, recognizable to myself…

IMG_20140127_0029 640

I want to be Lucky, my favorite beer…

IMG_20140127_0031 640

I want to be forever on the move… forever arriving with the goods…

IMG_20140127_0026 640

and then I’ll be happy-go-lucky…

IMG_20140127_0039 640