Anything You Can Get Away With: Creative Practices, Delere Press, 2018. A blend of street photography, poetry and literary/cultural criticism. Read review here.

Dreaming Cities, Math Paper Press, 2016. A street photography and poetry collection.

Analysis Paralysis“. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. March 2015, Issue 27.

The Umbrellas and the Tear Gas“. CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action. Issue 14, Fall 2014.

Whither Hong Kong?“. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal Sept 2014, Issue 25.

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement: Four Poems“. The Margins.

“Quiet Rural Hong Kong”.  Cha: An Asian Literary Journal March 2014, Issue 23.

“I’m selling watches”, “I’m quietly waiting here”, “Yet another working day for me”. The Four Quarters Magazine. August Issue, 2013: Portable Monuments, Wandering Streets.

“Street Meditations: On Poetry, Street Photography and Everyday Life in Hong Kong”. Asiatic, Vol. 6 Number 2. Dec 2012. pp. 31-44.

“Photographs in Search of Poetry: ‘Groundwork’, ‘Sermon’, ‘Waiting’, ‘Out of Focus’, ‘Mother and Children'”. Friends Newsletter. Hong Kong: Friends of the Art Museum, CUHK. Jan 2013 Issue. Each of the 5 poems is accompanied by a photograph.

“end of tunnel”, “stations of the cross”, “modern concrete”, “glass city”, “fence”. Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature. Vol. 5 Issue 1. June 2011. pp. 172-181. Each of the 5 photographs is accompanied by a poem.

“Notes for a Minor Photography (A Hong Kong Delirium)”. Asian Cha. June 2012. Issue 17.

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  1. Eddie, do you have any books of your HK photo work available? I looked up a couple of your articles and have them bookmarked for a read. Just wondering if you had a blurb book or something similar?

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