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Bamboo Noodles

IMG_20130311_0001 800 by 600

Already there is a pattern to these photographs – the commonplace activities of walking and driving, roads and pavements, people on display – a city is united in pedestrian activities. I happened to be at Cheung Sha Wan on an errand to pick up bamboo noodles for my wife and I chanced upon this. I too am a pedestrian, albeit with a camera. What is that private epiphany here? In Camera Lucida, Barthes focused on memory, family, loss and grief. I am interested in production, action, and mobility of both thought and writing.


2 comments on “Bamboo Noodles

  1. janicewasabi
    April 9, 2013

    ah, i think i know where you took this… 坤記 yes?
    i like the juxtaposition of all these different dimensions of spaces

    • eddietay
      April 9, 2013

      Thanks! It’s a ten-minute walk from the Cheung Sha Wan station, if I remember right. I was told it’s famous for its bamboo noodles.

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