Glasgow and Edinburgh

Oops – how time flies. I’ve been busy. Between June and August I’ve been to Glasgow to give a conference talk on poetry and photography at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, popped over to Edinburgh to visit the museums, came back to Hong Kong, back to Singapore, to HK, to SG and back to HK again.

So here’re 2 of my artist friends I’ve met in Glasgow – it was wonderful to be talking to them about the various paintings we saw at the Kelvingrove.

IMG_20130702_0014 800 by 600

I simply love the street life in Glasgow and Edinburgh:

IMG_20130702_0018 800 by 600

IMG_20130702_0022 800 by 600

IMG_20130702_0027 800 by 600

IMG_20130702_0031 800 by 600

IMG_20130702_0035 800 by 600

These were all shot with my trusty Yashica 35 GX.

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