Ode to Public Laundry

I guess this is a common sight in quite a few places in Hong Kong:

IMG_20131010_0038 A3 A4 640

On the one hand, there are those who say this is unsightly, and that there should be awareness campaigns against airing/drying one’s laundry in public.

After all, it looks too much like a ghetto, and is offensive to middle-class tastes.

(It might bring down property prices.)

IMG_20131010_0043 A3 A4 640

On the other hand, it speaks of the “can do” spirit of people, who make do with tiny living spaces in Hong Kong.

There is a kind of symphony here of public laundry.

IMG_20131010_0039 A3 A4 640

There is a kind of charm in the way the clothes are being hung… perhaps there is a sense of community here in the way the space is being shared.

Not everyone has dryers at home… and after all, clothes dried in the sun has the smell of sunshine in them.

IMG_20131010_0062 A3 A4 640

And sometimes, it can get a little creative:

IMG_20131008_0044 A3 A4 640

There are public spaces. There are private spaces.

And perhaps there are in-between shared social spaces with streets that are peopled even if there are no people around…

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