Waiting, Choosing, Eating

Every day, we do the same thing.

We wait.

IMG_20140616_0001 640

We’re waiting for something to happen.

IMG_20140616_0003 640

Or for someone to come along to give us the answer.

IMG_20140616_0004 640

We wait for that big transcendental Other, that Godot, to come along.

IMG_20140616_0028 640

We have a choice, we think.

IMG_20140617_0040 640

We choose.

IMG_20140617_0045 640

We consult.

IMG_20140617_0032 640

And hope for the best.

IMG_20140617_0030 640

And then we eat.

IMG_20140617_0043 640

And after all that, we’ll be merry.

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3 thoughts on “Waiting, Choosing, Eating

  1. I find myself immersed in the sumptuous clutter of the ordinary while reading and viewing your work. I think about the nature of waiting, as I wait to catch up with myself, for the Big Good Thing I’m supposed to do with my time here to fall into my lap. While I wait, the moments are filled with tasks, minutia, functions of being alive.
    I try to remember to be present in this Now, because this is life, so far as it goes. I don’t want to miss it while I’m kicking my heels and waiting for Kismet to clobber me.
    Thanks for the beautiful, thought provoking moments. The food, the posture of anticipation, the questions that clutter the human experience.

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