Singapore’s Geylang Serai

This post is one month late (and eleven months early).

The photographs here were taken in late July, one or two days before Hari Raya Puasa, a religious festival celebrated by Malay Muslims in Singapore at the end of the fasting month.

_MG_9564 (2) 640

My wife decided we should join in the festivities and so here we were at Geylang Serai. We had a fantastic dinner.

_MG_9571 (2) 640

The lady who took our order.

_MG_9573 640

There was a long line in front of the cashier but it’s good as I got to take quite a few photographs.

_MG_9582 (2) 640

So yes, we were at the Kampong Cafe.

_MG_9577 (2) 640

Finally – the front of the queue.

_MG_9586 (2) 640

Yummy roti john!

_MG_9592 (2) 640

Yummy spicy shrimp rolls!

_MG_9595 (2) 640

I can’t figure out what she’s holding – it’s pastry…

_MG_9607 (2) 640

Yummy er … roti john?

_MG_9615 640

Yummy fried vadai!

_MG_9621 640

Yummy pancake!

_MG_9625 640

More vadai!

_MG_9626 640

It is really possible for one to be hungry again just after dinner.

_MG_9633 640

Yummy kebab!

_MG_9637 640

Food is meant to be eaten.

_MG_9644 640

Okay – this is my wife’s favorite part of the bazaar… lots of textiles.

_MG_9645 640

Lots of cloth frilly fabric-ish things…

_MG_9648 640

Dress things.

_MG_9651 640

He was carving a small figurine.

_MG_9672 640

A carpet auction in progress.

_MG_9674 640

Prices start at S$200.

_MG_9702 640

Very colourful drinks …

_MG_9711 640

Thanks for reading!

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