Somewhere in Yuen Long

Sometimes I don’t know where I am.

IMG_20140829_0019 640

This place is accessible via a walking or biking trail.

IMG_20140829_0020 640

And you get to see a sinking village house.

IMG_20140829_0006 640

My wife organizes these day trips for the family and I simply tag along… I’m fortunate that way.

IMG_20140829_0007 640

I’ll go anywhere as long as there’re things to see.

IMG_20140829_0003 640

I know for sure this is somewhere in Yuen Long.

IMG_20140829_0009 640

And the village is accessible only via a boat.

IMG_20140829_0008 640

It’s another way of life.

IMG_20140829_0002 640

It’s a “can do” DIY attitude I need to learn.

IMG_20140829_0004 640

He saw my camera but basically ignored me and went on with his work.

IMG_20140829_0021 640

I’m trying to improve my Chinese.

IMG_20140829_0022 640

Assuming I got that right, it says “the only human-operated bumboat in the whole of Hong Kong, from 6am till 11pm”.

My set up for the day was a Contax TVS II loaded with Ilford XP2 400.

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