First Roll of Film from Spotmatic F (Part 2 of 2)

So – vision, shot precision, follow through.

IMG_20150126_0023 640

As with weapons training (see previous post), so it is with street photography.

IMG_20150126_0024 640

It’s giving me an insight as to what constitutes expertise.

IMG_20150126_0025 640

There is expertise that comes with knowledge of the field – where you’re situated, what you have to offer in relation to what other people in your field have to offer, how it all fits in with what society (and the market) demands, and whether or not (or how) you would adjust to that demand.

IMG_20150126_0026 640

Related to that, there’s the kind of expertise (i.e. skills) that can only come with painstaking preparation, training, multiple failures, as you move from naivete and self-ridicule to familiarity and finally (hopefully) to mastery.

IMG_20150126_0028 640

It’s a journey from innocence to experience.

IMG_20150126_0029 640

And with experience, hopefully, one could be innocent all over again.

IMG_20150126_0030 640

You don’t truly master anything. As you can see, I’ve read my William Blake.

IMG_20150126_0031 640

Do I dare disturb the universe? (I’m quoting T. S. Eliot here.)

The above gentleman spotted me right after I took the shot.

He put on his hat, walked right up to me, snarled, laughed, tapped my shoulder, and then walked away.

IMG_20150126_0034 640

So naturally I felt compelled to carry on.

IMG_20150126_0035 640

I stood at one spot and aimed at the wall.

IMG_20150126_0036 640

I’m really not sure why I do things like this.

IMG_20150126_0037 640

I suppose this is where art comes from.


Camera: Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F

Lens: 24mm S-M-C Takumar F 3.5

Film: Kodak UltraMax 400



5 thoughts on “First Roll of Film from Spotmatic F (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Reblogged this on Being Southern Somewhere Else and commented:
    A beautiful meditation on expertise, failure, practice and preparation, as well as food for thought on the role of the artist within the medium and the ripples that result. I always enjoy these excursions he takes me on both in space and conscious thought.

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