Visions and Revisions (2 of 2)

We look again.

IMG_20140903_0051 640

We are on a quest.

IMG_20140903_0053 640

Where are the keys to our lives?

IMG_20140903_0054 640

We look up.

IMG_20140903_0055 640

We look again.

IMG_20140903_0056 640

Sometimes we do not look.

IMG_20140903_0057 640

We’re too involved in ourselves.

IMG_20140903_0058 640

And then you’re challenged by a look.

IMG_20140903_0069 640

You look elsewhere.

IMG_20140903_0070 640

Anything to recompose yourself.


Camera: Contax TVS II

Film: Fuji Superia 400




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