Singapore: Inside Out in London

This is an exhibition of Singaporean arts in London.

Singapore: Inside Out is a showcase of Singaporean art in Beijing, London and New York City. More info here.

_MG_5875 640

There were lots of announcements like this on the walls at Brick Lane.

_MG_5886 640

See – it’s here.

_MG_5891 640

The cyclist got in the way.

_MG_5893 640

Another cyclist.

_MG_5894 640

Yet another cyclist.

_MG_5935 640

That’s the Old Truman Brewery, converted into an arts and creative enterprises venue.

_MG_6112 640

The neighbourhood is so arty that even unadorned walls have character.

_MG_6139 640

At a café while waiting for the exhibition to open.

_MG_6158 640

Performance art – I confess I don’t really get it. Red and white are the colours of Singapore’s flag.

He’s leaving smoke trails on the window … is this an ironic commentary on the ephemeral nature of Singapore’s national culture at an exhibition of Singaporean art?

The overall mood, partly because of the candles, is rather funereal.

_MG_6161 640

That’s an installation on which the public is invited to scrawl/doodle.

_MG_6174 640

The installation is still clean … the exhibition had just opened, after all.

_MG_6177 640

Info panels.

_MG_6179 640

There’s a … grass lawn exhibit.

_MG_6182 640

This I understand – books on a shelf.

_MG_6183 640

Fortunate placement of people.

_MG_6187 640

That’s the Actors’ Tour, during which the monologues of various featured artists were performed.

There’s the mention of Singapore’s arts and culture policy, and a hint of self-conscious deprecation concerning state-sponsored art.

_MG_6190 640

I fired off a few shots before realizing my DSLR might be a little bit loud and distracting… I switched to my more discreet Olympus XA2 (more in another post).

_MG_6196 640

The performance art again – check out the funereal-looking candles.

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Camera: Canon 600D

Lens: Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM