Sentosa Snapshots

I’ve been looking though images taken a few months ago in Singapore with my trusty Canon G11. It went through an overhaul and is now good as new.

Generally, on family outings, I bring along my G11 for family snapshots.

Usually, I make a division between street photography (film cameras only) and family pics (digital only) just to keep things simple. But life is not always simple.

I find myself in street photography mode often at various moments during family outings.

These were taken at Sentosa.

IMG_5744 640

I find the high-contrast Daido Moriyama style rather addictive.

IMG_5770 640

The scene looked so good I can’t resist another:

IMG_5771 640

I’m still waiting for my G11 to break down so as to have an excuse to get that Ricoh GR Digital.

More next time.

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