Sentosa Monochrome

We’re on Sentosa, an island theme park.

_MG_9479 640

The Merlion – Singapore’s tourist icon which is an allusion to the 13th-century myth of a prince spotting a lion on an island which he later named Singapura (“Lion City” in Sanskrit).

The fish tail is supposed to remind Singapore of its origins as a fishing village.

It looked more menacing than usual on that day under a harsh sun.

_MG_9483 640

The Sky Ride!

_MG_9491 640


_MG_9508 640

It’s definitely not for those with a fear of heights.

_MG_9518 640

That’s the luge ride – the other reason we were in Sentosa.

_MG_9535 640

This looks rather poetic …

_MG_9536 640

Another poetic shot … what can I say – I’m a street photography genius!

_MG_9538 640

Tourism in a bus.

_MG_9540 640

Much needed on a scorching hot day.

_MG_9547 640

An even better idea on a hot day (every day) in Singapore.

_MG_9550 640

That’s what it says…

_MG_9552 640

The view is nice.

_MG_9566 640

There’re still quiet corners on Sentosa.

_MG_9577 640

No kidding! Or is this a trick?

_MG_9578 640

It’s not a trick. *wink*

_MG_9580 640

Waiting in a quiet corner.

_MG_9581 640

Yes, there’re many scenic moments.

_MG_9582 640

This is definitely not a stealthy camera…

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Sentosa Snapshots

I’ve been looking though images taken a few months ago in Singapore with my trusty Canon G11. It went through an overhaul and is now good as new.

Generally, on family outings, I bring along my G11 for family snapshots.

Usually, I make a division between street photography (film cameras only) and family pics (digital only) just to keep things simple. But life is not always simple.

I find myself in street photography mode often at various moments during family outings.

These were taken at Sentosa.

IMG_5744 640

I find the high-contrast Daido Moriyama style rather addictive.

IMG_5770 640

The scene looked so good I can’t resist another:

IMG_5771 640

I’m still waiting for my G11 to break down so as to have an excuse to get that Ricoh GR Digital.

More next time.