Again, I find myself wandering around in Mongkok.

IMG_20140121_0021 640

I find that the side streets parallel to Nathan Road are more conducive to street photography.

IMG_20140121_0005 640

The pace is slower, it’s less crowded and so you can see further and anticipate, unlike the pavements on both sides of Nathan Road on weekends or during rush hour.

IMG_20140121_0001 640

For the above, I zone-focused, snapped and turned around without even stopping.

Yes, it’s my Olympus XA2 again, loaded with Ilford XP2 400. It’s so small once you remove the flash.

So it’s always with me.

There’s yummy sugar cane juice at the coconut master’s shop.

IMG_20140121_0006 640

There’re quite a few shops selling traditional Chinese foodstuff along Woosung Street.

They sun some of their goods on the street…

IMG_20140121_0010 640

IMG_20140121_0009 640

There’re lots of people in this particular shop.

So I hung around outside for a bit.

IMG_20140121_0003 640

IMG_20140121_0012 640

This por por in the photograph below took some time to select the lap cheong (Chinese dried sausage).

So naturally I took a few shots of her.

IMG_20140121_0007 640

She suddenly turned around and said in Cantonese, “Oi, handsome, are you done? The hook is too high.”

So naturally I obliged.

Street photographers are supposed to fade into the background, but I suppose it’s hard to do so for me given my looks …


IMG_20140121_0014 640

Thanks for reading!

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