Temple Street

I was at Temple Street a few days ago, just as the stalls were being set up.

IMG_20140127_0022 640

The overall mood is that of quiet efficiency, of people setting up their stalls on one day, just like any other day.

IMG_20140127_0002 640

IMG_20140127_0006 640

Sometimes you get a sense of community.

IMG_20140127_0003 640

At other times, you see them proudly displaying their skills.

IMG_20140127_0004 640

The above reminds me of some of my favourite “ah beng” shops back in Singapore. Usually, they won’t pull a fast one on you, and you’ll actually get a phone or sim card or whatever at a lower price compared to some of the more established big-name chains. And if you need to cut your sim card into a smaller size, they have just the right tool to get it done.

I stepped out of Temple Street and couldn’t resist taking a photo of this young chap:

IMG_20140127_0023 640

I remember doing this when I was a kid. Yummy!

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