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Selfies (with a nod to Samuel Beckett)

These are photographs of me, or of how I see…

We’re all shackled in one way or another, waiting for our little godots…

IMG_20140127_0009 640

I’m Estragon the poet…

IMG_20140127_0008 640

Is He arriving? Godot is always late.

IMG_20140127_0007 640

I wait and I wait …

IMG_20140127_0025 640

And I wait …

IMG_20140127_0032 640

Like Vladimir the thinker, I keep myself informed …

IMG_20140127_0037 640

I want a branded watch to tell me I am a lucky Pozzo…

IMG_20140127_0013 640

Am I a cookie-cutter person with cookie-cutter dreams and desires…

IMG_20140127_0027 640

Or can I be my own work of art, recognizable to myself…

IMG_20140127_0029 640

I want to be Lucky, my favorite beer…

IMG_20140127_0031 640

I want to be forever on the move… forever arriving with the goods…

IMG_20140127_0026 640

and then I’ll be happy-go-lucky…

IMG_20140127_0039 640


4 comments on “Selfies (with a nod to Samuel Beckett)

  1. TimidX.
    February 12, 2014

    Nicely done. Please don’t ever tell anyone about what came first: your words or the photos. Let it be a mystery. Adds another layer, you know 😉

    • eddietay
      February 12, 2014

      Thank you – that’s a wonderful compliment, especially coming from a fellow street photographer!

  2. janicewasabi
    February 24, 2014

    (off-topic) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12069297/pics/189150_10150113832786219_4240730_n.jpg
    : we can’t go on waiting like this.
    : let’s get a taxi. (pause) unless the schoolbus comes.
    : and if it comes?
    : we’ll reach UC without panting.
    : well? shall we go?
    : yes, let’s go. (they do not move.)


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