Contax TVS

In a previous post on the snapshot aesthetic, I mentioned zone focusing with Olympus XA2 and auto-focusing with Minolta AF-C.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, behold my Contax TVS. It has an aperture priority mode and a program mode. There’s auto-focus (which you could override with a dial).

IMG_20140327_0002 640

This allows me to be more stealthy, and the motorized whirring is not too loud.

I consider the Contax TVS series to be the baby brother of the Contax T1/2/3 series of which T2 is much celebrated, or the Contax G series of cameras.

It has the Vario Sonnar lens which allows for zooming, for days when I’m too lazy to zoom with my feet.

IMG_20140327_0005 640

This lady popped out and I responded quickly enough…

IMG_20140327_0011 640

“Oops, what’s this?” I thought as I was looking at the negative.

The panoramic mode was activated without me knowing.

IMG_20140327_0027 640

Oh oh …

IMG_20140327_0041 640


The panoramic mode is basically a cropping of the frame by the camera, and the panels were unhinged.

IMG_20140327_0028 640

I felt there was an intuitive bond between me and the Contax TVS… was I imagining things?

It’s built like a tank, and I could take myself seriously when I’m holding it… I was so looking forward to serious days…

After a moment of reflection and in that rare moment of sanity, I returned the camera to the store.

There were 2 Nikon 35Ti‘s beckoning, and a Fuji “sardine can” Tiara as well.

It was then that I had a Prufrockian moment:

Do I dare disturb the universe?

In a minute there is time

For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

I waved goodbye (in my mind only) to those cameras.

The person at the store kept my number, noted my mournful expression, and 3 days later, I was told there’s another Contax TVS in the store, this one with the original strap, manual (in Japanese), case and lens cap.

I took it out for a spin.

IMG_20140401_0006 640


IMG_20140401_0005 640

The panoramic mode here was fully intended. This was the only panoramic shot I took. I don’t expect to use it much. It’s a bit tacky I think…

IMG_20140401_0014 640

Happy happy joy joy.

IMG_20140401_0026 640

All is fine – I tilted the camera and shook it this way and that to see if the panoramic mode would kick in.

IMG_20140401_0028 640

I zoomed in and out and it’s fine.

IMG_20140401_0032 640

Zooming in … and it’s still ok.

IMG_20140401_0036 640

Yup, we have a winner here.

The Force is strong with this one…

O happy day!

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