Leica M6 Summicron Love

It’s been a while since I’ve given some love to my Leica M6.

The Minolta AF-C and Contax TVS point-and-shoot combo has pampered me.

IMG_20140611_0021 640

The auto-focus and auto-exposure modes do allow me to get into the flow of things, to the point where I’ve come to think of manual focusing and exposure as distractions to stealth and composition.

So I was worried that I’ve lost touch with the Leica M6 routine.

All images here are from Leica M6, 50mm Summicron Type II lens, on Fuji Superia 400.

A little warm up was needed.

IMG_20140611_0012 640

Testing testing. Got to be fast on the double-decker bus as the reflections are flitting past. Yes, I can rhyme pretty well.

A little practice on walls.

IMG_20140611_0030 640

No prizes for guessing where this is for HK film photography people: that film lab (Dot-Well Photo Workshop) across the road develops your film in 15 mins during non-rush hours, for the princely sum of HK$20.

The people working there exemplify the HK way of doing things – somehow they manage to be gruff, direct, and friendly at the same time. And all those film cameras piled up in there …

IMG_20140611_0032 640

And that building (Champagne Court at Kimberley Road) has a magnetic quality to it, given the vintage film camera shops.

I often go there with the intention of not buying a camera.

The prices could be a tad high, compared with the stalls at Shamshuipo.

IMG_20140611_0031 640

But it’s really apples vs oranges, since many of the Champagne Court shops cater to collectors who would then place the cameras in their cabinets, whereas the cameras stalls at Shamshuipo are more for users.

IMG_20140611_0038 640

Yes, I was spotted, so I did my silly-tourist-frowning-and-muttering-at-his-camera routine.

If they’re within earshot, I would mutter in my Klingon dialect.

IMG_20140611_0014 640

I’m happy I’m still able to capture images the way we look at other people in crowded urban landscapes. We see through glimpses.

IMG_20140611_0015 640

We glance at one another so as to be polite.

IMG_20140611_0017 640

We learn not to look too directly at people.

IMG_20140611_0026 640

For collectors: open edition prints from this post are available here.

2 thoughts on “Leica M6 Summicron Love

  1. Delightful. It doesn’t seem like you have lost the touch as the images are wonderful. I am jealous that you can get your film processed in 15mins!! Amazing service.

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