Street Talk

Further adventures of the Canon 40mm F2.8 STM pancake…

_MG_9346 640

The colour rendering is nice …

_MG_9350 640

It looks like my 600D has just been promoted from a lame rookie slr to a street camera.

_MG_9352 640

Happy happy joy joy.

I could go lomography-ish (like in the previous 2 images).

_MG_9353 640

Or be understated.

_MG_9364 640

The colours could be muted somewhat.

_MG_9366 640

Or they could be saturated.

_MG_9368 640

It could be wispy in the subway…

_MG_9369 640

Or real and gritty…

_MG_9372 640

It could be dreamy…

_MG_9374 640

We could fall into a trance …

_MG_9376 640

It could be leafy lemony ice cream green …

_MG_9389 640

Or we could come back to reality (though somewhat muted).

_MG_9390 640

Or it could be flamboyant…

_MG_9392 640

We’re all waiting on the street…

_MG_9393 640

Some day the street would make sense.

_MG_9403 640

On other days, the street is sneaky.

_MG_9406 640

It’s always work in progress.

_MG_9407 640

Everything is under construction.

_MG_9412 640

A blotch of colour here…

_MG_9413 640

A funereal shroud there…

_MG_9424 640

What am I doing?

_MG_9426 640

The street is asking.

_MG_9427 640

What’s driving you?

_MG_9428 640

The street does not answer.

_MG_9430 640

The answer is in your face.

_MG_9431 640

The answer just went on by.

_MG_9432 640

The answer is always somewhere else…

Let my portfolio talk some more…


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