Work, Work, Work

I am back in Hong Kong after a 3-week break in Singapore.

I’ve 7-8 rolls of film and probably about 50 usable images from a digital camera. Am looking through the lot now.

In the meantime, here’re a few images that sum up my mood at this moment, even as I’m catching up with work.

IMG_20140616_0032 640

IMG_20140616_0056 640

The 2 images above were taken in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, while the rest below are scenes from Shamshuipo.

IMG_20140617_0027 640

IMG_20140617_0028 640

IMG_20140617_0033 640

I’m tempted to say that these images represent the “can do” spirit of Hong Kong which accounts for its economic success.

On the other hand, we need to remember the harshness of the Gini coefficient that is operating here.

IMG_20140617_0038 640

IMG_20140617_0039 640

The above 2 images represent a personal triumph.

This is one of 2-3 stalls along Apliu Street that sells vintage film cameras.

It’s difficult to take their pictures with stealth because every time I walk by, the stall owners’ film-camera-detection senses are alerted and they would look up at me (or my camera).

I walked by for the third time that day and managed to finally do it.

Thanks for reading, and check out my prints!

2 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work

  1. Hey, really enjoy the pictures and appreciate the effort in trying to capture people’s lives when they aren’t focused on posing for a camera. Have you ever had anyone catch you while taking a picture of them and get upset? I’m always worried about this happening so I miss some really great shots or moments that I could have captured but didn’t because I felt like I was violating their privacy or personal lives.

    1. It’s true that there’s something furtive about street photography because you’re taking candid pictures of strangers. I’ve been yelled at once and it’s an (occupational?) hazard I could accept. There were times I was spotted just as I took their pictures. But most people would either smile (and I would just say hello) or simply ignore me. Some actually posed for me.

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