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Umbrellas at Mong Kok

The umbrellas on the streets of Mong Kok speak for themselves.

IMG_20141009_0010 640

IMG_20141009_0012 640

IMG_20141009_0013 640

IMG_20141009_0014 640

IMG_20141009_0015 640

IMG_20141009_0022 640

IMG_20141009_0023 640

IMG_20141009_0024 640

IMG_20141009_0025 640

IMG_20141009_0026 640

IMG_20141009_0027 640

IMG_20141009_0028 640

IMG_20141009_0029 640

IMG_20141009_0030 640

IMG_20141009_0031 640

IMG_20141009_0033 640

IMG_20141009_0034 640

IMG_20141009_0035 640

IMG_20141009_0036 640

All images were taken with Contax TVS II, loaded with Kodak Ultramax 400 film.







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