The Tents at Causeway Bay

The tents at Causeway Bay speak for themselves.

IMG_20141013_0025 640

IMG_20141013_0029 640

IMG_20141013_0031 640

IMG_20141013_0034 640

IMG_20141013_0041 640

IMG_20141013_0042 640

IMG_20141013_0046 640

IMG_20141013_0047 640

IMG_20141013_0048 640

IMG_20141013_0050 640

IMG_20141013_0051 640

IMG_20141013_0052 640

IMG_20141013_0053 640

IMG_20141013_0056 640

IMG_20141013_0058 640

IMG_20141013_0059 640

IMG_20141013_0062 640

All images taken with Contax TVS II, loaded with Fuji S 400.






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