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Causeway Bay Monochrome

There’s a road map.

IMG_20141103_0002 640

Is anyone reading?

IMG_20141103_0003 640

Is anyone listening?

IMG_20141103_0004 640

There are prayers.

IMG_20141103_0006 640

We’re reading.

IMG_20141103_0009 640

So much to think about.

IMG_20141103_0016 640

The work of waiting.

IMG_20141103_0017 640

The work of gesturing.

IMG_20141103_0019 640

Do not forget.

IMG_20141103_0020 640

Keep on remembering.

IMG_20141103_0021 640

Teach the young.


Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander 35mm F 1.4 Nokton Classic SC

Film: Ilford XP2


2 comments on “Causeway Bay Monochrome

  1. terissmile
    November 5, 2014

    Touching as always 🙂

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