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Shamshuipo, as you can see, is my other haunt.

There’s enough bustle for street photographs.

_MG_4343 640c

The colours can be interesting too. The red and green combo is nice.

_MG_4344 640c

He didn’t even notice me.

_MG_4345 640c

In contemplation.

_MG_5009 640

I was testing out a generic rectangular lens hood on my lens to make sure there wasn’t any vignetting.

This is one of two flea market stalls selling film cameras.

_MG_5012 640

It’s a low volume high flow business. The offerings change every week.

Occasionally, you could see a few Leicas. I saw an X Pro 1 here once…

Thanks for reading!


Camera: Canon 600D

Legacy Lens: SMC Takumar 35mm f 3.5


2 comments on “Shamshuipo

  1. Steve
    January 15, 2015

    We were in HK in 2013 and loved it. We didn’t get out to Shamshuipo, but did spend a lot of time in Mong Kok. Obviously a great place for photos! This is one of my faves: http://sjp.id.au/photostory/photo-story-monk-mong-kok/

    • eddietay
      January 16, 2015

      Cheers Steve. Thanks for sharing!

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