Monochrome Dream

A small gathering.

IMG_20160812_0016 640

The eye leads you to a tower.

IMG_20160812_0018 640

Why this and not that.

IMG_20160812_0019 640

We’re still figuring it out.

IMG_20160812_0020 640

A dream of a tree in a building.

IMG_20160812_0026 640

Another look at the tree.

IMG_20160812_0028 640

Just to make sure we aren’t dreaming.

IMG_20160812_0031 640

Thanks for reading!

Camera: Olympus XA3

Film: Ilford XP2


7 thoughts on “Monochrome Dream

  1. Thank you for the like on my ‘Cigarette Break IV’ Eddie!
    The man above having his cigarette break is seemingly being attacked by birds! Maybe I have too much imagination ‘;-],

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