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Indecisive Moments

There’s a lot of talk about “the decisive moment” in street photography.

Here are some indecisive moments.

IMG_20160815_0014 640


IMG_20160812_0036 640

Or this.

IMG_20160815_0013 640


IMG_20160815_0015 640

Or this?

IMG_20160815_0017 640

Probably not this…

Thanks for reading!

Camera: Olympus XA3

Film: Ilford XP2


2 comments on “Indecisive Moments

  1. Jayne
    September 8, 2016

    first one of the theatre and…I like the one of the photographer as the main subject with the two half circles. Thank you for the beautiful photographic eye and subject matter you bring here.

    • eddietay
      September 8, 2016

      And thank you for your kind comments!

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