Mundane Objects

I’m taking a break from street photography to look at mundane stuff.

IMG_20151201_0001 640

Stuff our eyes don’t normally focus on.

IMG_20151201_0002 640

But they do create an environment of sorts.

IMG_20151201_0003 640

Repeat something enough and it becomes a life.

IMG_20151201_0004 640

Pavements can be interesting.

IMG_20151201_0005 640

Stuff lying around.

IMG_20151201_0006 640

There’s an order of things here.

IMG_20151201_0007 640

A call to discipline.

Camera: Canon Prima Twin S

Film: Fuji Superia Venus 800

Street Photography at Central, Hong Kong

I was at Central with about an hour to kill before a lunch meeting.

_MG_5432 640

Coincidentally, of course, I had my Canon 600D with a 40mm / f 2.8 STM lens.

I really like the above, with its three partitions.

_MG_5445 640

I thought I’d try my hand at street photography from a distance.

_MG_5433 640

Street photography with an urban landscape component.

_MG_5457 640

I walked up and down the Central Escalators for a bit.

_MG_5474 640

I feel I have more time to think about the background.

_MG_5475 640

The background is the foreground.

_MG_5479 640

Another urban landscape-ish skyline shot.

_MG_5492 640

Lots of people are hard at work in the sun.

_MG_5501 640

That’s a really big camera.

_MG_5524 640

Working hard.

Thanks for reading!

Camera: Canon 600D

Lens: Canon 40mm F 2.8 STM

Visions and Revisions (1 of 2)

I happened to chance on a folder I tucked away a few months back.

IMG_20140903_0043 640

I remember not being satisfied with the pictures.

IMG_20140903_0044 640

I though the colours were a bit off.

IMG_20140903_0045 640

Then I looked again and decided they’re pretty okay after all.

IMG_20140903_0046 640

This is Hong Kong.

IMG_20140903_0047 640

This is Hong Kong.

IMG_20140903_0048 640

This is Hong Kong.

IMG_20140903_0049 640

Sometimes a door opens.

IMG_20140903_0050 640

And we see ourselves as we truly are.


Camera: Contax TVS II

Film: Fuji Superia 400