Singapore Hawker Food

Hawker food!

It’s definitely one of those things overseas Singaporeans miss.


Here’s my routine whenever I’m back in Singapore:

Step one – in the morning, I’d dutifully go to the wet market, determined to buy some fresh vegetables.

IMG_20140814_0020 640

I’m determined to buy those fresh fish.

IMG_20140814_0032 640

I really want those fresh meat, yes. Good idea.

IMG_20140820_0053 640

And then I’ll buy the newspapers.

IMG_20140814_0034 640


Step two: I’ll soak in the atmosphere.

IMG_20140814_0030 640


I’ll then look at all those hawker food.

IMG_20140814_0038 640

Yummy pancake! You could have either coconut husk, red bean paste or peanut as your filling.

I usually buy one of each. It’s yummy breakfast/tea time/snack food.

IMG_20140818_0080 640

Rojak! That’s a fruit and veg salad concoction that manages to be sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time.

IMG_20140818_0082 640

A close-up of the rojak stall. It’s a good alternative snack.

You can see that at this point, my health diet plan starts to break down.

IMG_20140818_0084 640

Good breakfast food!

I actually look forward to waiting in front of a stall for my food to be ready – it allows me to loiter and wait for the perfect moment.

IMG_20140819_0022 640

Unhealthy thick noodle breakfast with sausages, chicken wings, potato wedges, etc etc.

IMG_20140819_0023 640

Noodle stall – we’re still at breakfast.

IMG_20140819_0028 640

That’s the fried butterfly, you tiao, salted bun, etc etc stall.

Good for brunch.

IMG_20140819_0033 640

We’re all waiting with our smartphones these days.

IMG_20140820_0002 640

Chicken rice! Good lunch idea.

IMG_20140820_0004 640

That’s where I buy my century egg porridge. Lunch.

IMG_20140820_0056 640

Killer prawn noodles! Dinner. That’s when I reach for my cholesterol pills.

IMG_20140818_0076 640

That’s just rice with a choice of dishes … the sweet and sour pork is usually the best of the lot. Dinner time!

IMG_20140820_0057 640

Yong tau foo! Where you choose your ingredients and noodles. I usually go for the dry thick yellow noodle with lots of sweet sauce.

(Again, my cholesterol pills would definitely come in handy.)

IMG_20140820_0050 640

The thing about yong tau foo – no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Ingredients for a wonderful dinner.

IMG_20140820_0051 640

There’s no such thing as the wrong kind of food…

IMG_20140819_0018 640

Fish ball noodles! Good supper food.

IMG_20140820_0078 640

Minced pork noodles! Is it tomorrow’s breakfast yet?

IMG_20140820_0081 640

Curry puffs! Goreng pisang (fried bananas)! Good night-time snack.


Oh and I’ll never forget to have some fruits.

IMG_20140820_0054 640

Fruits are important for a healthy diet…

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