The Streets Are Calling

We can only occupy what’s central to our heart.

IMG_20140918_0025 640

Love. Peace.

IMG_20140918_0011 640

A way of life.

IMG_20140918_0014 640

Reading a future into existence.

IMG_20140918_0015 640

We seek the wisdom of the streets.

IMG_20140918_0017 640

The streets will decide.

IMG_20140918_0009 640

Who’s the butcher.

IMG_20140918_0033 640

Who’s the meat.

IMG_20140918_0034 640

Love the best we can.

IMG_20140918_0036 640

Find peace the way we can.

IMG_20140918_0037 640

And hope something beautiful comes.

We pray this is good enough.