Notes to Self

The past few posts have been about Occupy Central.

After all, we could only occupy what’s central to our hearts.

This post is a change of pace.

IMG_20141024_0003 640

I’ve talked about a few sights on the campus where I work in this post.

It’s a 20-minute walk down the hill from my office and it gives me time to think about what I’m doing and where I’m going in terms of my poetry, photography, research and teaching.

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We all need space to dwell and grow.

I’m grateful to be where I am, in an unpretentious and authentic space, in service of a community I feel committed to.

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Once in a while, you need to be empty in order to be filled.

So yes, I’ll need to fill up that container eventually (figuratively speaking).

IMG_20141024_0011 640

And find a sense of balance.

Sometimes, I take a 5-minute detour and I’ll see this on my way home.

IMG_20141024_0004 640

That red flower is beautiful, but it is beautiful not in itself, but in where it is.

IMG_20141024_0012 640

And 5 minutes later, I’ll see this.

IMG_20141024_0013 640

We swim in the pond in which we find ourselves.

And in every moment there is a painterly harmony to be sought.

This is what I’m looking for in my photographs and in my work in general, and what I’m looking for in myself.


Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander 35mm F 1.4 Nokton Classic SC

Film: Fuji Natura 1600






The Streets Are Calling

We can only occupy what’s central to our heart.

IMG_20140918_0025 640

Love. Peace.

IMG_20140918_0011 640

A way of life.

IMG_20140918_0014 640

Reading a future into existence.

IMG_20140918_0015 640

We seek the wisdom of the streets.

IMG_20140918_0017 640

The streets will decide.

IMG_20140918_0009 640

Who’s the butcher.

IMG_20140918_0033 640

Who’s the meat.

IMG_20140918_0034 640

Love the best we can.

IMG_20140918_0036 640

Find peace the way we can.

IMG_20140918_0037 640

And hope something beautiful comes.

We pray this is good enough.