Boat TripĀ 

Went on a boat trip from Sai Kung to an outlying island.

The famous Chung Kee Noodles in an alleyway.

Checked out various boat trips on offer.

Looked at the fresh seafood for sale.

An old lady approached us and quoted $250 for a trip and off we went.

It’s a salt mine village.

There were many abandoned village houses.

Then we saw this.


There’s a history here waiting to be figured out.

Nice little courtyard.

What joy!

Kids everywhere are the same.

Here kitty kitty.

Sai Kung Town – Looking for Fried OreosĀ 

Walking around Sai Kung Town. 

We were standing around waiting for the shop to open. Apparently they have fried Oreos which the kids wanted…

I like the witty name though. Wonder if the owner’s name is really Chip. 

So we walked around for a bit. 

The lady was trying to figure out what we were looking at. 

Nice street exhibit. 

Hard at work. 

Outside a seafood restaurant – the obligatory scene to take at Sai Kung. 

And yes – fried Oreos!