Ruins and formations

Not sure what this is.

Ruins of a former village shed?

Another one, with a nice view.

Dreamy landscape.

I’m not the only one enjoying the landscape.

He said he didn’t mind when I asked to take the photograph.

Had a nice chat with his wife and him about the view. His wife showed me sunset photographs on her phone.

Secret passage to Narnia…

Some more village scenes

Am taking short walks around the village these days, given the general advice to not go out given the Covid-19 crisis.





I’ve gotten used to these alleys. I’ve forgotten it’s a maze.

The village cha chaan teng.

Property business.

Another way into the village.

Flip-flop towing service. I hope I’ll never have to use the service. I have the number on my phone. Just in case.

Road under construction.