River Safari

We’re still on the theme of street photographs taken during family outings some time back.

This is the newly-opened River Safari in Singapore.

I went absolutely berserk with the various compositional possibilities in front of the large fish tank.

As everyone else is looking at the exhibits, no one is looking at me – that’s the perfect set up for a street photographer.

I’ll call this series The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Taking Photographs (see Damien Hirst).

Utter fascination.

IMG_5892 640


IMG_5944 640

Musing. This is a work of art.

IMG_5980 640

Look! Look!

IMG_6007 640


IMG_6035 640

The trick to this is knowing telepathy and fish language.

I’ve managed to convince those fishes to frame themselves around the human exhibits.

I am a very talented photographer.

IMG_6037 640

Still looking.

IMG_6042 640

Finally, a decisive moment.

IMG_6049 640

Thanks for reading!

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