Singapore Zoo Monochrome

At the zoo in Singapore with my son.

We did a double photo combo, with my 10-year-old son holding the Canon 600D with a 40mm f 2.8 STM lens and I holding my Leica M6. I’ll post my photographs another day.

All photos here, except for the elephant shot, were by my son.

_MG_3839 640

On the way to the zoo, he found the water droplets at the back of a bus interesting.

He’s developing a good visual sense, I must say.

_MG_3848 640

Nice monkey.

_MG_3856 640

Nice erm … plant thingey.

_MG_3862 640

Looking up to see itself.

_MG_3865 640

Nice fishes.

_MG_3874 640

A very charming gentleman.

_MG_3929 640

Nice big mole.

_MG_4004 640

I waited for a while before everything came together in this shot.

_MG_4044 640

I told my son to wait till all the necks were parallel with one another.

Would have been better if they were between the trees in contrast with the background.

_MG_4060 640

A horse (pony?) sticking its neck out.

_MG_4066 640

Feed the goats!

_MG_4100 640

My son was fascinated by the polar bear show.

_MG_4105 640

It’s a powerful looking bear. We were told polar bears weigh only about 350 grams at birth.

_MG_4115 640

This is grace.

_MG_4116 640


_MG_4117 640



When I grow up I want to be a polar bear.








River Safari

We’re still on the theme of street photographs taken during family outings some time back.

This is the newly-opened River Safari in Singapore.

I went absolutely berserk with the various compositional possibilities in front of the large fish tank.

As everyone else is looking at the exhibits, no one is looking at me – that’s the perfect set up for a street photographer.

I’ll call this series The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Taking Photographs (see Damien Hirst).

Utter fascination.

IMG_5892 640


IMG_5944 640

Musing. This is a work of art.

IMG_5980 640

Look! Look!

IMG_6007 640


IMG_6035 640

The trick to this is knowing telepathy and fish language.

I’ve managed to convince those fishes to frame themselves around the human exhibits.

I am a very talented photographer.

IMG_6037 640

Still looking.

IMG_6042 640

Finally, a decisive moment.

IMG_6049 640

Thanks for reading!