Analysis Paralysis

Street photography can be an obsessive endeavour…

One day, I was walking around and I saw this.

IMG_20140605_0022 640

And I did another take just in case.

IMG_20140605_0023 640

And I went, oops, oops, there’s a bit of condensation on the lens.

Hence the slight foggy effect.

And again, after wiping the lens.

IMG_20140605_0012 640

Hmm … the left leg is slightly out of frame.

And again, after zooming out with my feet …

IMG_20140605_0013 640

Better, I think.

Check out the stark clarity of the pavement.

Hmm … that’s a Minolta Af-C camera loaded with Neopan 400CN.

Let’s see what my Contax TVS camera loaded with Venus 800 would look like.

Here we go again, after I’ve rummaged through my bag for a bit.

IMG_20140605_0045 640

And again.

IMG_20140605_0046 640

One last time, I promise.

IMG_20140605_0047 640

The image reminds me of a line I wrote in a poem: “It takes ten years to cultivate a tree, a century for a human being”.

It’s from a Chinese proverb “shi2 nian2 shu4 mu4, bai3 nian2 shu4 ren2”.

The things we do in the name of art …

21 thoughts on “Analysis Paralysis

  1. I often click the shutter and wonder if I got the moment or click once/twice/three times as I think a person that passed by may have blocked the shot. The editing process is something I am yet to master. A very honest take on the art. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Sometimes I think street photography is like life. You make certain decisions and hope you have gotten it right. Sometimes we hesitate and second guess ourselves.

  2. I can imagine doing the same thing with digital; but with film? I guess this is why I don’t shoot film (regularly). I’m just too stingy to “work the scene” when shooting with film.

  3. +Your the man. Most of my BLog is poetry too so thanks for liking the magazine article. Son Bong Chae shows in Hong Kong all the time and will be back for the big Art Fair in September I think it is. Great work sir.

  4. Great series of images. The b&W have a Cinéma vérité quality about them. 😉
    No one say that your approach to the challenge of getting the shot was not well-grounded. ;D

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