A Tale of Capitalism

There’s so much to see.

IMG_20150112_0026 640

And street photography forces one to stop and be grateful.

IMG_20150112_0027 640

We’re often framed by things we buy and sell.

IMG_20150112_0028 640

There’s a tale of capitalism waiting to be told.

IMG_20150112_0029 640

We give in to what we want.

IMG_20150112_0030 640

Our appetites.

IMG_20150112_0031 640

There’re always boxes to open.

IMG_20150112_0032 640

Things to sell.

IMG_20150112_0033 640

People to talk to.

IMG_20150112_0034 640

There’s money to be made.

IMG_20150112_0035 640

Conversations to have.

IMG_20150112_0036 640

And there’s the wait.

IMG_20150112_0038 640

Wholesome food.

IMG_20150112_0039 640

Fabric of a city.


Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm 1.4 SC

Film: Kodak BW400CN



4 thoughts on “A Tale of Capitalism

  1. Good theme. Most of tnese folks work very hard for not a lot. B&W suits the idea well. I never understand how these guys make money selling tacky watches but if tney didnt I’m sure they would sell something else. The M6 and a good eye never fails as a partnership.

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