A Street Photographer’s Camera

I’ve been thinking a bit about the tools we use.

IMG_20150427_0029 640

A street camera is a machine for seeing.

IMG_20150427_0030 640

Frankly, any camera will do. But I prefer film cameras.

IMG_20150427_0031 640

For me, it’s a Leica M6 most of the time, because I need the meter once in a while.

IMG_20150427_0034 640

At other times, it’s a Contax TVS II, a Canon 600D (yes, a digital camera) with legacy lenses, or an Olympus XA 2, just to switch around a bit, to refresh my vision.

IMG_20150427_0035 640

I’m not adverse to using digital. But film cameras do last a long time.

Like my (2001 model) Toyota Corolla, which in Hong Kong, seems to be a mechanic’s favourite car.

It’s forgettable, reliable and replacement parts are easy to find.

IMG_20150427_0036 640

I’ve been reading about self-drive cars and their amazing electronics.

But I wonder how long the electronics would last.

Do we have to replace them the way we replace our tablets/smartphones/laptops?

I’m suspicious of planned (compelled) obsolescence.

IMG_20150427_0037 640

Would a digital camera last more than 3-5 years?

That’s the question I ask whenever I experience that rush of gear envy.

IMG_20150427_0038 640

Thanks for reading!

Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 SC

Film: Ilford XP2 400

14 thoughts on “A Street Photographer’s Camera

      1. It’s near the street market area of Sham Shui Po. Check out the url in one of the photos. Unfortunately most of the website is in Chinese. The other place to go to is Champagne Court at Tsim Sha Tsui, though it’s pricey there but the stuff is top quality.

  1. I’m gingerly venturing into street work, overcoming my fears of being noticed and accosted. But when I do it, I shoot my digital Canon S95. I have a hundred film cameras here to choose from, but none of them have the display on the back so I can frame while shooting from the hip. My S95, by the way, has shot probably 20,000 photos since I got it in 2010. It’s been enormously reliable.

  2. I’m convinced that a well-cared for Corolla, especially one of the earlier models, will easily outlast humanity. Great pics. HK is truly a mecca for photo gear.

  3. Hi Eddie! Cool post and valuable information. Although mainly shooting digital, I did start out analog. I’m sure analog photography will not disappear, since the cameras last and can be considered high end to this day. I just recently got myself some rolls of film. It brings one back to thinking ‘OK, I got 36 exposures – lets get it right with the first shot!’ Even loading the camera has something magic… which digital cameras don’t have. Film will last. Have a nice week! Adrian

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