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Cheung Chau

On Cheung Chau island.

IMG_20151126_0012 640

The atmosphere is rather relaxed.

IMG_20151126_0014 640

One could dream of a life here.

IMG_20151126_0015 640

It’s one of those possible doorways.

IMG_20151126_0024 640

One could just stand here and admire the wall.

IMG_20151126_0022 640

Lack of love?

IMG_20151126_0025 640

An advertising and laundry space.

IMG_20151126_0026 640

Very homely.

IMG_20151126_0028 640

Though sometimes we could be in a hurry.

IMG_20151126_0029 640

Oh I’m dreaming I’m dreaming of a slower pace of life.

IMG_20151126_0030 640

Is it possible?

IMG_20151126_0031 640

It is possible.

IMG_20151126_0032 640

Maybe I’m romanticizing too much.

IMG_20151127_0004 640

It’s a possibility, I suppose.

Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 SC

Film: Ilford XP2




4 comments on “Cheung Chau

  1. Beeren
    August 30, 2016

    I like your style of photography representation. Narrative. Its amazing how your gray-scale images brings so much character out. Please tell me how do you choose which photograph to be changed to balck-n-white.

    • eddietay
      August 30, 2016

      Thank you! 🙂 It’s not a matter of choice, since I’m using b/w film. Ilford XP2 is my preferred b/w film for cameras like Olympus XA3 and Leica M6. Colours can be distracting sometimes.

      • Beeren
        September 1, 2016

        well said…and now i can see that why you sill into b/w photography…its great!!!…lot to learn from these…keep capturing awesomeness 🙂

      • eddietay
        September 1, 2016

        Thank you!

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