Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong (Monochrome Version)

We’re still at Noah’s Ark.

IMG_6946 640

Though this time, in contrast to my previous post, I figure I’ll go the monochrome high contrast way just to see the difference.

Did I mention there was a beach next to Noah’s Ark?

IMG_6743 640 1

So we have a couple posing for wedding photographs, quite oblivious to the sun-bather who is enjoying the view.

IMG_6881 640

The humor is gone from the photograph… instead it’s a kind of existential commentary on human aspiration…

IMG_6888 640

A reflection on the ups and downs of everyday life…

IMG_6862 640

For some reason the same photograph in high contrast monochrome looks grittier …

IMG_6855 640

There’s plenty to keep the kids busy. Educational too.

IMG_6841 640

The Last Supper.

IMG_6838 640

The Last Supper, with the kids in front and gallery guide behind.

IMG_6898 640

The giraffe looks overextended.

IMG_6949 640

Park attendants sorting things out.

IMG_6957 640

From behind a popcorn and bbq stand.

IMG_6793 640

The village house is still beautiful.

IMG_6959 640

Time to relax.

Thanks for reading!


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