Hong Kong Street Poetry: Exhibition Setup and Opening

Here’re some photos of the exhibition opening and setup.

P1020012 640

It’s nice of them to make available the exhibition posters and invitation cards as takeaways for guests.

P1020013 640

My initial concern was the number of photographs (and hence the display boards) relative to the size of the venue but it turned out to be alright. It’s not too sparse and not too cramped.

P1010957 640

I’m grateful to Prof. Victor Chan, Head of Chung Chi College, for opening the exhibition. He’s a composer and conductor and so understands what it means to be immersed in one’s art.

P1010956 640

I got to read a few poems. Some of those photographs will be published alongside their accompanying poems in a related book project next year.

P1010923 640

It’s a different feeling – having physical prints exhibited, as opposed to looking at images on a screen.

P1010935 640

I did get into a few conversations about my choice of subjects.

P1010974 640

I organized the photographs in terms of colour vs monochrome, as well as themes (rural, urban, indoors, outdoor, traffic, streets, etc).

P1010981 640

I’d admit to feeling nervous when I saw a few people scrutinizing those prints closely…

The exhibition runs for a month and will close on 4th Dec 2015.

Do come by if you’re in the area!

Many thanks to R and K for taking the photos!

My gratitude to R and her colleagues for mounting those photos onto the boards!

Exhibition Poster

Here’s the exhibition poster!

poster 640

I’ll be reading a few poems at the opening ceremony (5th Nov 2015, 5pm) and some of the photographs with accompanying poems will appear in my forthcoming 2016 book. It’s open to public. Come by if you’re in the area!

Notes to Self

The past few posts have been about Occupy Central.

After all, we could only occupy what’s central to our hearts.

This post is a change of pace.

IMG_20141024_0003 640

I’ve talked about a few sights on the campus where I work in this post.

It’s a 20-minute walk down the hill from my office and it gives me time to think about what I’m doing and where I’m going in terms of my poetry, photography, research and teaching.

IMG_20141024_0001 640

We all need space to dwell and grow.

I’m grateful to be where I am, in an unpretentious and authentic space, in service of a community I feel committed to.

IMG_20141024_0010 640

Once in a while, you need to be empty in order to be filled.

So yes, I’ll need to fill up that container eventually (figuratively speaking).

IMG_20141024_0011 640

And find a sense of balance.

Sometimes, I take a 5-minute detour and I’ll see this on my way home.

IMG_20141024_0004 640

That red flower is beautiful, but it is beautiful not in itself, but in where it is.

IMG_20141024_0012 640

And 5 minutes later, I’ll see this.

IMG_20141024_0013 640

We swim in the pond in which we find ourselves.

And in every moment there is a painterly harmony to be sought.

This is what I’m looking for in my photographs and in my work in general, and what I’m looking for in myself.


Camera: Leica M6

Lens: Voigtlander 35mm F 1.4 Nokton Classic SC

Film: Fuji Natura 1600






A 20-minute Walk

My university is sprawled on the side of a hill, and my office is at its second-highest point.

A few brave souls walk up the hill to work every morning.

Me, I take the shuttle bus up in the morning and walk down the hill in the evening.

It takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on the state of my tummy.

That’s my workout …

That’s the Pavilion of Harmony at New Asia College, at one side of the topmost plateau.

IMG_20130305_0091 640

IMG_20130305_0089 640

It all looks very Chinese …

IMG_20130305_0093 640

The above views are taken with my Canonet QL17 GIII, loaded with Kodak  Color Plus 200.

The ones below are with my Minolta AF-C, with Kodak Portra 400.

IMG_20140415_0004 640

I’ve been doing this commute every work day for the past 7 years, walking down the hill.

IMG_20140415_0007 640

For the first time, I looked at the hillside.

IMG_20140415_0008 640

These are shadows of bamboo on the hillside.

Followed by some fish (koi?) pond thing with a picturesque arrangement of a pale-green rubber hose…

IMG_20140415_0005 640

IMG_20140415_0019 640

And the Chinese-looking bridge…

IMG_20140415_0020 640

A Chinese-looking bench I’ve never seen anyone sit on …

A mini-waterfall…

IMG_20140415_0018 640

There’s that picturesque almost-identical rubber hose again…

IMG_20140415_0023 640

A suitcase advertising a few film screenings at the foot of the hill…

IMG_20140415_0003 640

And then the road…

IMG_20140415_0012 640