Village Garden

Wifey and I met up with a fellow Singaporean who lives a few villages away.

She takes cultivation to a whole new level of commitment.

This is not quite street photography but still…

She spoke of dealing with international suppliers and import licenses.

Her husband and I talked for a bit. But mostly we were listening to our wives’ conversation.

Pretty flowers.

Interesting plant thing.

It takes discipline and patience.

Some more pretty flowers whose names I don’t know.

Pear or lemon?

Work in progress.

Pretty pink flowers.

Nice red things… er… chilli?

Garden table.


Wifey took home a plant called limau kasturi.

There’s another one called laksa plant. For making laksa – this I know.

Pandan! For making desserts and chicken rice.

This must be chilli.

Even the plant outside her gate is pretty.

Cycling at Tai Mei Tuk

Sonny boy wanted to go cycling.

So we did.

There goes my plan to do nothing.

Plover Cove Reservoir is fantastic!

It’s nice stroll.

Great weather.

The dogs are out.

Lots of healthy walking.


Some more walking.

A love story waiting to unfold.

Fun fun fun!

Wind, water, hills.

All we need.