Some more Shamshuipo

I’m still walking around…

IMG_20150831_0013 640

The streets are exhibitions waiting to speak.

IMG_20150831_0016 640

What would the stall say?

IMG_20150831_0017 640

What’s he thinking about?

IMG_20150831_0018 640

We’re all concealed by what we buy and sell.

IMG_20150831_0020 640

We all buy and sell.

IMG_20150831_0021 640

We’re all waiting.

IMG_20150831_0029 640

Until it’s all meat…

Camera: Olympus XA2

Film: Ilford XP2 400


So many to choose from!

IMG_20140624_0023 640

We follow our appetites.

IMG_20140624_0025 640

We make the effort.

IMG_20140624_0034 640

We are exasperated.

IMG_20140624_0035 640

We lose ourselves.

IMG_20140624_0036 640

Oh yes! A real decision!

IMG_20140624_0038 640

We have the luxury of time.

IMG_20140624_0040 640

We calculate.

IMG_20140624_0043 640

We choose again.

IMG_20140624_0046 640

All images here are from my trusty Minolta AF-C, loaded with Kodak Professional BW400CN film.

Some images from this post are available as affordable open edition prints at my Saatchi Art page for collectors.

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Fa Yuen Street Market

Night photography poses a challenge for any photographer.

Even with a digital camera, you’ll need a wide aperture, longer exposures, perhaps a tripod, or image stabilization if you’re doing it handheld, and you’ll need to have a high ISO setting.

Auto-focus might be a problem if it gets too dark, as a digital camera may not be able to find a focal point quickly enough.

So if you’re a street photographer with a film rangefinder loaded with Ilford XP2 at ISO 400, the odds are somewhat stacked against you at night. This is one of those times when you wish you’d caved in and bought that Fuji X100s.

A street market at night, as it happens, is one of those wonderful scenarios where everything comes together.

As the light bulbs are bright, you’ll have natural vignetting. The goods might have been arranged to form a perfect frame within a frame.

IMG_20130918_0010 A4 640

IMG_20130918_0013 A4 640

The stall hawkers, even when they spot you, would be too preoccupied with selling their wares to their customers, while the customers’ attention would be on those wares.

IMG_20130918_0012 A4 640

IMG_20130918_0011 A4 640

IMG_20130918_0005 A4 640

This person did spot me…

IMG_20130918_0003 A4 640

Oh well … and to challenge myself, this:

IMG_20130918_0015 A4 640

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